College offers free and latest antivirus NavyAntivirus [USB Security System]

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It provides full security from USB Infections. Scans your USB Drives as you plug it to your system. It seeks for the file containing information to load viruses to your System. Note: Be Careful MustNot be WriteProtected <> i.e. If Card Reader plugged with active WriteProtect Notch then virus can't be removed from Drive This is the Demo Version of are free to Use this software.. For full features get full version of NavyAntivirus..

Unlimited Internet facility for the students to sharpen their computer skills and internet surfing skills.
Books for the new session can be bought from the college. The books prescribed by the school are published by different publishing houses. It is, therefore, sometimes difficult to get all the books at any particular shop. The college arranges the sale of all the books within the college premises to save a lot of undue trouble to parents and guardians.
Canteen: At the canteen, food is sold on a daily payment basis. Hot lunch is provided to the students on a monthly payment basis. Payment is made in advance at the accounts section. There shall be no refund in case of a withdrawal in the middle of a month. Besides serving lunch, the canteen also serves cooked food such as noodles and snacks. Soft drinks, tea, coffee and packaged food items are also available in the canteen. The college ensures that all food items conform to acceptable standards.
Telephone Service: The college has a modern tele-communication system manned 24 hours by competent technicians.
Generators: To ensure 24 hours power supply, the college has installed a powerful generator in the school.

Transport Service: The college has buses plying on different routes


  • Person to Person Education:
  • Every class consists of manageable student’s enables and easy approach to a one to one education.
  • Effective Learning tools and Technologies:

  • Teaching to the student’s is not only lecturing from the desk but also activating to the participants trough the group discussion, group exercise, classroom presentation, case study etc are the basic teaching tools of Brihaspati BBA.
  • Sufficiently Equipped classrooms:
  • Making students understand is not merely through lecture method but presenting and exhibiting by and overhead projector along with a market pen on a white- board.
  • Visiting Professors: The institution has felt through its past experience that providing reputed guest professors is also an inevitable task which strenthens the depth of the study.
  • Project Works: Besides the internship and the project work taken formally by the University at the end of the 4th and 6th semester, college also takes at least two projects assignments and an educational tour which help the students to gain the practical knowledge of the real world situation.
  • Student Council: As per P.U. We have a students union/Coucil for the welfare of the students.
  • Training and workshop: Time to time college organizes traning and workshop for the students for providing the expertness in their study
  • matters, besides college takes the leadership to organinze workshop for the teachers to familiarize modern techniques and refresh their knowledge.


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The college offers different types of Scholarships to the brilliant and deserving candidates

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