I aspired for what, I am here in Brihaspati College and this institute has modeled me into a present person and prepared me to take on toughest challenges of outside world, courage and confidence on me, stand up to face the uncaring and world. I learnt disciplined abstraction, virtues of honesty and modesty, hard work, failure and success. I found inspiring pricing principal, co-operative and well experienced teachers, well facilitated library; I found all the ideas and tools needed for the students to build up their carrier and life at Brihaspati College.
            I wish,” Aim at sun and you may not reach it but your arrow will fly for higher than the level with yourself.

                                                                      Kalika Lamsal

            It was one of my greatest investment decisions that I have chosen Brihaspati College for completing my undergraduate program. The fabulous college environment always motivates me to learn something new to tackles with real life problems. The teacher and their teaching methodology are quite spacious and helpful in developing my selfhood and personality. To mount you into a complete, honorable successful and invincible person, Brihaspati with its best aids with its commitment in academics, sound atmosphere and personal concern to our colorful career. I’m really proud and fortunate to be a part of this family

                                                                      Manoj Pant


           I have been delighted to be a part of such prestigious college which had help to promote my creativity in the field of knowledge and self development. It involves an inductive process that mirrors the real world, with all its dynamism and ambiguity. One here develop an intuitive sense of when to listen, when to speak, how to persuade, and how to inspire.
           I would like to thank for helping to build up my unfold potentiality with great confidence. I wish every success to its future endeavors.         

                                                                    Kanchan Pandey

            I believe that each and every person has some quality and talent but may have not opportunities. By joining the Brihaspati College, I got very tools and support of opportunities to explore myself in this global competitive market. I examine myself before joining this college and right now practical and theory based management education knowledge in me. I’ve spent near about 5 years in this college and I have experienced an active participation learning approach and friendly learning environment among the teacher and students. This college has peaceful learning environment, a team of experienced, qualified and highly committed management professional for career development, which helps to build up self-confidence, creativity and critical thinking.

                                                     Narendra Kumar Mishra

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